Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hi everybody,

You may know there is another stitchers' blog for BBD designs, but the owner of that is
not available in the net unfortunatelly.
More stitchers asked me more times can I manage that blog? They needed invites...
Well... I am not the organizer of that blog, so I have created this one for us.
I hope Sue won't be upset when she will be online.

So... you can ask invites, just email me at ninocska @ (no spaces)
or Gillie to gilliankilner @ (no spoaces)
and if you have a personally blog please insert the link to let me know to put it to the list of
authors here.

Use labels! Your name and name of design.
Title: I think it need to be the name of design to be practical if we would like to search by name.
Write your materials bellow your photo.
You can upload photos and link pictures, of course. Upload: choose center and largest.
Please link your blog at the end of your post.
One design per a post, please.
I think that's all.

Welcome here, and we are happy to read comments!

Thank you if you post this blog on yours!

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  1. I think it is a great idea !
    I love BBd and I would like very much to participate at this blog !

  2. Send me email to get the invitation! :)



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