Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pink Hill Manor, My Valentine, many more

I have been a follower of the blog and admired everyone's work since the beginning but I never posted before.  I felt like my stitching didn't measure up to all the amazing stitchery that you guys post but I've finally gotten brave enough to share.  Here's my 2013 Blackbird Design finishes so far:

Pink Hill Manor using recommended floss but mystery linen. It is stitched for my sweet niece, Rachel Elizabeth Gay

Moonlight Visitor stitched to honor my Aunt Brenda Gay Holland using recommended thread and mystery 32 count fabric

Swan Lake to honor my youngest niece, Josilyn Renae Gay aka Josi.  It was stitched using the recommended floss but again mystery 32 count fabric.

My Valentine still waiting for "honoring" and stitched on 30 count with recommended floss

Bluebird's Message using recommended floss and 28 count fabric

And To All A Good Night using recommended floss and 30 count fabric

I'm currently working on Happy Birthday and hope to add it to the completed pile later this month. Can't promise that because I'm leaving on Wednesday to head back home  to Atlanta for a visit so might not get too much stitching done for awhile. 


  1. Wow! Beautiful work, and lots of finishes for 2013.

  2. Nice works :)
    Would you please next use labels? This post still needs a label for you (your name), please put. Thanks!

  3. Love your finishes! Good job and keep showing us your work as it is way "good enough" as you say. Gorgeous stitching!

  4. They are beautiful and don't ever be hesitant to show your work.

  5. Your work is beautiful... Now that I have seen some of these, I think I need to build my stash more.

  6. Your work is just beautiful!

    I too stitch a lot of BBD and just love the patterns. Can't wait to see your next finish!

  7. Beautiful work! Need to stitch some of these.



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