Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anniversaries of the Heart

I am happy to report that I finished up my Anniversaries of the Heart!
I had so much fun with this sampler, trying to figure out which beloved family member would be featured in each block.  I changed the personalization in For Those Recorded Here to reflect more of me as the stitcher of the sampler.  The Irish verse relates to the town where we live.
And the full thing--
 There are more photos on my blog, Notes from Blue Hen Hollow.


  1. it's a wonderfull job ;)))
    very very nice
    ciao MAria

  2. Absolutly beautiful hun; Great job...

  3. It is fabulous, an heirloom - well done!

  4. I'm still swooning at the sheer beauty of it, Sugar! What a Beautiful and Wonderful family heirloom to cherish and treasure. Brava!!!

  5. It's awesome!What a gorgeous work!!I adore it!Couson

  6. This is a lovely idea. Did you combine small patterns and put them together yourself? My mother LOVES this idea and is looking for the pattern. Any help you can give me would help me help her. Thanks!

  7. Daisha, this pattern is a serie, has 12 parts, and you can purchase them (for example) here:



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