Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mystery Bonus Sampler

Hi all, I'm very happy to show you my last BBD finished: the Mystery Bonus Sampler! I stitched it on a 40 count "lakeside linen" with Gentle Art Threads. It was such a lot of fun that I translated the fourth part in French!! 
Lovely, isn't it?

More pics on my blog


  1. Wow, more than lovely - its beautiful. Irene xxx

  2. Oh I wish I had that pattern - But who in the world knows where all the pieces are - lol

    It is beautiful - Congrats on a lovely finish !!

  3. Hello - this is lovely. My LNS no longer has these patterns. Does anyone know where or if I can still find the four patterns. I would consider purchasing used copies.
    Thank you!

  4. Have you tried ebay? I think you may will find there :)
    And hope somebody can give you some webshops also...

  5. Hi Nina,
    I did but no luck. I'll keep looking - thank you!



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