Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Souvenir of Paris

I think this design is one of my favorites. Adore it!

BBD Souvenir of Paris_finished1_Nina_2009dec3
BBD Souvenir of Paris_finished4_Nina_2009dec3
BBD Souvenir of Paris_02_Nina_2009dec1
from booklet Joyeux Noel
32ct Summer Khaki Belfast
TGA Pomegranate, WDW Onyx, CC Poblano Pepper, Spinach and DMC B5200
Size: 3,3 * 6,6 cm, stitched 1 over 1

BBD Souvenir of Paris_2 pieces_a_Nina_2009dec9
On the right: 32ct Lambswool linen
stitched 1 over 1 with Victoria Clayton silk threads
BBD Souvenir of Paris_2 pieces_b_Nina_2009dec9
BBD Souvenir of Paris_2 pieces_c_Nina_2009dec9

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